What is Ask Molly?

Molly has been living in the shadow of her advice-giving twin Polly for years now, and all of that optimistic, feel-good drivel has rendered Molly short-tempered and vainglorious. Sadly, Molly and Polly share the same pen name, “Heather Havrilesky.” Yes, we think it sounds fake, too.

Polly wrote this book. Molly wrote this one. Molly also wrote this heartwarming memoir about the unrelenting tedium of marriage.

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Reflections on longing, confusion, and joy by essayist and Ask Polly advice columnist Heather Havrilesky.


Heather Havrilesky 
Advice columnist, cultural critic, author of the memoir Foreverland (Ecco, 2/8/22) +three other books.